Middle Earth Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9


The Middle Earth Resource Pack (also known as LOTR and The Hobbit Resource Pack) was created to bring the experience of those old times into Minecraft. The Fans of the Hobbit or of The Lord of The Rings will finally be able to create, build and live in a virtual world of his favorite movie and at the same time you will enjoy a medieval and RPG feel , as well.

This great resource pack can be used by a lot of players because it comes with four different resolutions x16 resolution, x32 resolution, x64 resolution and x128 resolution due to this, almost every player can use it because if they computer is not so powerful they can use a lower resolution.

If you ever thought how the Minecraft world will look if there was possible to design it like in the legends from the books, the wait is done. You can use the Middle Earth Resource Pack to discover by your own eveyrhting because this resource pack will add the forests from the Lothlorien or Helm’s Deep fortress.

This pack is so realistic that you can convert the End in a mountain where is the house of Smaug, since when it was replaced with that big – red baddy from the Hobbit.

Middle Earth Resource Pack

Middle Earth Resource Pack

Middle Earth Resource Pack

Middle Earth Resource Pack

The entire texture is changed. Everything will bring you back into those good times where the monsters were so dangerous. You can discover some new monsters that didn’t exist in the books or in the movies. This will make you to use your best battle skills in order to kill them. Due to this resource pack has a large main idea you can expect to get some several updates from time to time, after every update you will be surprised by the new things and textures that were added or changed.

Middle Earth Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Added some GUI.
  • Added ingots, lapis ore.
  • Added breaking animation.
  • Added iron sword.
  • Added bow textures.

Download Links for Middle Earth Resource Pack

Middle Earth Resource Pack 1.9

Creits: TheAwesomeKielbasa – Planet Minecraft


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