Makers Spleef 2 Map for Minecraft 1.12.2


Makers Spleef 2 Map is the newest version of the well known Spleef Map, it was rated even by the Mojang staff as being one of the cleanest and intriguing maps out there that were ever created for Minecraft. Actually these Makers Spleef 2 Map was created to improve the entire experience that you can encounter on the first version, and a lot of other features that will surprise you but first of all you will need to get the map and you can discover everything by yourself playing the map.

Makers Spleef 2 Map for Minecraft Makers Spleef 2 Map for Minecraft Makers Spleef 2 Map

In this Makers Spleef 2 Map, the main goal is to trick the opponents into falling onto the wool by mining under them in a way that they cannot react. So you need to try everything that is possible in order to get them onto the wool, and you will win guarantee. Even if at the first view it may sound easy for you, but you practically in Makers Spleef 2 Map the things are not so easy, but once you will figure out, you will not encounter any major difficulties. Another great fact about this map that makes it so special is that he comes in 8 different modes, so you cannot get bored into this map because you can switch to another mode when the previous one becomes boring.

  • Classic Mode: Classic of course, with a pickaxe, mine under your friends
  • Item Mode: You can find bonuses like blocks, potions, weird things and much more
  • Arrow Mode: You can have a pickaxe but the main weapon is the bow with powerful arrows
  • Bunny Mode: You will get more speed and higher jumps distance
  • Event Mode: Random events will appear like Swap or Acid Rain.
  • Zombie Mode: Zombies will fall from the sky, you just need to run
  • Creeper Mode: Creepers will spawn and explode the arena around you
  • Insane Mode: In addition to having to avoid people, you will have to be careful with explosive creepers coming from the middle

How to install Makers Spleef 2 Map

  1. Download and move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and choose the map

Download Links for Makers Spleef 2 Map

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Credits: MineMakers Team


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