Lunar Speed Parkour Map for Minecraft 1.9


The Lunar Speed Parkour Map has a lot of features that will make you a great gaming experience while you’re racing on the track to pass every checkpoint. Basically you will need to run against the timer and to try to get a better time each time you are running through the lunar tunnel.

Unfortunately this map can be played just in single player because if you’re planning to use on an online server or even on LAN the map may be working and the players are spawned, but they are spawned out of the world and they are still dropping down. So this is a bad point because it cannot be played with your friends, but also in single player you will get a lot fun while you’re trying to complete every track with all of its checkpoints.

On this Lunar Speed Parkour Map you need to pass from several checkpoints that will help you while you’re falling down and die. Basically you will be respawned back to the latest checkpoint, but keep in mind, if you fall your timer will not stop so you must hurry-up to recover the lost time or better you need to practice as many times in order not to die. For a better gaming experience without any game errors we recommend you to use this map with the latest version of Minecraft.

Lunar Speed Parkour Map for Minecraft

Lunar Speed Parkour Map for Minecraft Features:

  • Contain checkpoints.
  • The timer works.
  • Unique tracks with different colors and textures.

Download Links for Lunar Speed Map

Lunar Speed Map 1.8.x

Credits: ShockingShots


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