LOROTH Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2


LOROTH Resource Pack is one of the most amazing medieval pack that currently exists for Minecraft at a low resolution, this fact makes possible the be used by all the players who wants to try something new that doesn’t contain lots of bright and vibrant colors. Also, you may discover by yourself that almost each pack for Minecraft is hardly trying to implement great looking textures with colorful designs, but once a time the players get bored of them. So all this being said the LOROTH Resource Pack is the right one if you want to try a new style of textures for Minecraft that will not disappoint you that you take the time to install it.

LOROTH Resource Pack for Minecraft

The LOROTH Resource pack is here to transform your Minecraft into a dark medieval themed art style environment, even if everything will be so gloomy you will really enjoy the time spent on it, but in the beginning, it requires some time to common with it. Because we cannot forge anybody to use this pack, it is not recommended for this kind of players who doesn’t like the simple and dark art textures. Just with this LOROTH Texture Pack, you’re able to build your own medieval castle where you return back into that ancient times. This LOROTH Resource Pack is made at a 16x resolution, so it can be used by all the players who can run Minecraft because it doesn’t require a powerful computer to run it without any issues.

LOROTH Resource Pack for Minecraft LOROTH Resource Pack

How to install LOROTH Resource Pack

  1. Download and move the resource pack file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks
  2. Start the game and choose the pack from Game – Options

Download Links for LOROTH Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Credits: DivergingRealms


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