LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9


LIIE’s Resource Pack is a great pack that will completely change your Minecraft in a completely new world where the grass, dirt and new armors will increase your gaming experience. Despite of the changes of the texture of enviroment, you will also notice that the new iron armors looks pretty awesome.

The fans of Final Fantasy will notice that the swords are much bigger and also much ticker thanks to this your mind will fly in the 7th game series. The most changed texturie is for the grass it has leaves and pops up in your eyes since every ground is covered with grass that will make you feel fresh.

The developer of this LIIE’s Resource Pack did a great job for a 64x resolution that doesn’t require a powerfull computer in order to run it propertly. On the sky you can see different blue nounces where the clouds make it looks more cartoonic.

Also you probably will see a huge change for the Coal, Iron, Gold, Diaomnds Ores that has one main texture with the same color but what makes them different are the cristals with the specific color of the ores, that are placed on each side of the cube.

LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft

LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft

LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft

LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft

LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft

This LIIE’s Resource Pack also adds some few texture that has 3D models. This resource pack without some mods doesn’t look so nice, so in order to get all the benefits of this awesome pack you can use the following mods that are compatible with it: random mobs or connected glass. This Resource Pack must be instaled with the Optifine HD

LIIE’s Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Added some new textures
  • Added the health bar texture
  • Added the armor bar texture
  • Fixed some minor texure bugs

Download Links for LIIE’s Resource Pack

LIIE’s Resource Pack 1.9.4

LIIE’s Resource Pack 1.8

Credits: LIIE101 – Planet Minecraft


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