LIFE HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.3


LIFE HD is one of the best resource pack that will add new HD quality textures into Minecraft. Due to the thing it adds a great new texture it has a 128x resolution that means everything is completely changed with a lot of new details that are really great, and you will be so grateful when you are playing with LIFE HD Resource Pack.

The water and lava benefits of a lot of changes cause of this resource pack, they are so photo-realistic, but the bad thing about this resource pack is that it is not finished yet and a lot of new textures will be added soon.

LIFE HD Resource Pack

LIFE HD Resource Pack

LIFE HD Resource Pack

LIFE HD resource pack has the ability to increase the size and resolution of every object, because all the new textures need more space. Another good thing is that this LIFE HD resource pack is updated and works perfectly with Minecraft 1.8 version which is a great thing and you don’t need to wait for an update for the latest version of Minecraft.

The only updates you will need to wait or to take once they are out are the updates for the Life HD because it adds a lot of new textures as the developer of this texture pack has a lot of work to finish this Resource Pack completely.

LIFE HD Resource Pack

LIFE HD Resource Pack

LIFE HD Resource Pack

This Life HD resource pack is a unique pack that will add awesome brighter and vivid colors with a lot of realistic effects that will surprise you even since you enter into your minecraft for the first time after you installed this Resource Pack. The developer of this pack recommends you to use OptiFine to install the Life HD.

How to install LIFE HD Resource Pack

  1. Download the Resource Pack.
  2. Download the OptiFine HD
  3. Run %appdata%\.minecraft
  4. Move the Resource pack files into texturepacks folder

Download Links for LIFE HD Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.x



Credits: StormCoreFilms – Minecraft Forum


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