Knights and Bosses Map for Minecraft 1.12.2


The Knight and Bosses Map is the right map for you if you want to spend some awesome time together with your friends on Minecraft. All the action on this map will happen in a medieval environment where you will need to fight, the Knights and Bosses Map is a PVP related map so there will a lot of great experience. Right at the beginning, you must know that there are 2 roles, the Knights, and the Boss, the knights have 3 classes from which you can choose one which you prefer to play.

Knights and Bosses Map for Minecraft

If you’re and addictive PVP player in Minecraft then definitely the Knights and Bosses is the right map that must be played once a time, but I can assure you that you will enjoy it because it will give you a lot great moment on it together with your friends. Even if the concept of the map is a little bit strange, once you figure out what you will need to do everything will be ok. So, in the beginning, a player must be the boss and the rest ones are the knights which are spawned firstly in the map where they need to build a shelter in a certain amount of time. After that, the boss will be spawned and the Knights will need to defeat the boss. So if you want to be a Knight in Knights and Bosses Map you can choose one of the three knights types which are unique, each one has its own abilities.

How to install the Knights and Bosses Map

  1. Download and move the map file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and enjoy the map!

Download Links for Knights and Bosses Map

for Minecraft 1.12.x

Credits: Saraldar


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