Jungle Warfare Map for Minecraft 1.12.2


Jungle Warfare Map is a well-made map for Minecraft that successfully have added some advanced gameplay system that allows having some unforgettable moments while you’re playing on it. Basically, there are lots of other PVP maps that by far doesn’t give you a similar experience as while you’re playing this Jungle Warfare Map. The creator of it really did a great job, because he created a great map that utilizes a Redstone based Capture the Flag system along with some Elytra mechanics, both mixed together will give you a great gaming experience.

Jungle Warfare Map for Minecraft

This Jungle Warfare Map is not a newbie friendly map, so if you’re a beginner on playing this kind of maps, firstly you must learn all the mechanics behind the map, because even for the old players it may look hard to understand at the beginning but overall, once you figure out how everything works you will enjoy playing on it. The entire gameplay on the Jungle Warfare Map revolves around taking flight and fighting against other players while they’re trying to capture your flag to move it to their base. Even if while you’re reading this, it may sound easy for you but in reality is not so easy.

Jungle Warfare Map

Definitely, the Jungle Warfare Map is a map that you must consider to get and play on it once a time because besides all of the gameplay it also comes with a built-in text file that features various settings that players can edit in order to make the settings more easier on the map.

How to install Jungle Warfare Map

  1. Download the map and move the file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and choose the map from Saves

Download Links for Jungle Warfare Map

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Credits: ArcticLion & Gromite


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