Jewelrycraft 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Jewlrycraft 2 Mod is a great magic mod that makes you able to create a lot of jewelry that can be wore. This mod can be played even in multiplayer. As you are using this mod you can add some new objects to each precious jewel you create as modifiers. All the jewelries from this Jewelrycraft 2 Mod can have positive or negative effects, this depends on which modifier you have used.

Despite those positive and negative values, they can have also certain actions like when you gain the first points you will have a curse upon you, again some are good some are bad. As many curse points you have as more active curse you can have every time.

This JewelryCraft 2 Mod has an awesome Jewelry 2 Guide from where you can learn all about the crafting recipes and other things you need to know while you’re playing with it. This mod has some various Items like Shadow Ingot that can be obtained by smelting shadow ore.

They are used in few recipes and an important key for making some jewelry work. If you want some more action you can craft your Thieving Gloves, that give you the chance to steal the trades those pesky Testificates have to offer. To use them you just need to open the GUI and right click on them and hopefully steal the trades.

Jewelrycraft 2 Mod for Minecraft

To get a piece of jewelry you will need to have a Smelter, Molder, a Mold, a Jewelry’s Crafting Table and a gem of your choice. Firstly, you will need to place down the Smelter, then the Molder and the ingots (or 4 ores and 1 ingot – because ores output 2 ingots) Once all the items were smelted and the metal is done cooling you can left click it to retrieve the jewelry.

Jewelrycraft 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelog

  • Hearts can spawn eggs
  • Improved the cursed eye
  • Improved hearts mechanics.
  • Improved color detection system

Download Links for Jewelry 2 Mod

Jewelry 2 Mod 1.7.10

Credits: OnyxDarkKnight –


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