Intergalactic Map for Minecraft 1.11


The Intergalactic Map is really a fascinating adventure map that will provide to the players an unforgettable gaming experience even from the first step you will make on this map till to the end, the last one. Lots of similar maps will struggle to offer you a great time while you’re on the map but not each one has a lot of features with so many beautiful visuals and other related things. In this Intergalactic Map you will start to feel even from the beginning this captivating experience that will make you to want to finish the map even if at this moment you didn’t played on any other adventure map.

The story of the Intergalactic Map starts with a sad information, the humans have been evacuated from the earth the long time ago and they live in the space, there in space their life is peaceful, but suddenly at a moment something bad happens and everything went wrong. The only survivor from this catastrophic problem is just yourself, and you will need to explore the space to find life in order to survive for a long period of time.

Intergalactic Map for Minecraft Intergalactic Map for Minecraft

At the first view, this may not sound so attractive for you, but once the adventure starts you will enjoy exploring the unknown space after life. During this intense exploration, you will need to fight with different bosses or even to fly high-tech spacecrafts that go with a fast speed. So overall the Intergalactic Map is basically designed to be used just on Minecraft 1.11 version so if you want to use it on a previous version of Minecraft it will not work.

How to install Intergalactic Map

  1. Download the map and move the file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and chose the map
  3. Start the game and enjoy the map

Download Link for Intergalactic Map

for Minecraft 1.11 (16w39+)

Credits: Madogdog – Minecraft Maps


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