Hyper Elytra Map for Minecraft 1.9


The Hyper Elytra Map is a nice minimap for minecraft that we can say that was inspired from the Superman 64 map, you may have heard about that map that was so boring because the main thing you must have done was just to fly through rings that are placed up in the sky. But this Hyper Elytra map for minecraft will prove that even a simplistic game that allows you to fly around the sky through rings even if it is poorly designed. Beside the rings that can be found in the sky and some other blocks that are there to rest a bit or just to plan your next flight.

The Hyper Elytra Map doesn’t have a good animation nor sound. But we can assure you that will have lots of fun playing on this map because you have a large variety of rings that you must fly through them, more exactly there are 45 different rings. A good point of this map is that you can play alone or also with your friend, that most of these kinds of maps don’t allow to be played on multiplayer.

We can say that firstly you better play alone and after you figure out what and how the things work on this map you can play along with one of your friends to be sure you can beat them easily. On other similar maps the PVP was not allowed, but on the Hyper Elytra Map the PVP is even encouraged so you can fight your opponent in order to have a higher score than him.

Hyper Elytra Map for Minecraft 1.9 Hyper Elytra Map for Minecraft Hyper Elytra Map for Minecraft

How to install Hyper Elytra Map

  1. Download the Hyper Elytra Map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the map!

Download Links for Hyper Elytra Map

Hyper Elytra Map 1.9

Credits: haschschtasche – Minecraft Forum


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