How to Install Forge API for Minecraft

How to Install Forge API for Minecraft ?

Every Minecraft player has the ability to customize his own game with lots of new items and features that are added by mods, but in firstly you need to have the Minecraft Forge API installed to make the mods works.

So if you decided that you want to use mods in your minecraft your must follow these few steps to install the Minecraft Forge API

  1. Download the version of the Forge API that you wish to use the mod (For 1.9.4 mods you will need Forge 1.9.4 etc)
  2. Install the downloaded version of Forge by double clicking on it.
  3. Start the minecraft and choose Profile “Forge” and the version on which mod you want to play.
  4. And press “Play”

Here’s a video about how to install Minecraft Forge API

This doesn’t require an advanced computer knowledge, but if you can’t install the Forge API, send us an message on our Facebook Page and we will help you to install it to play your favorite mod for Minecraft.