Halloween Hunt Map for Minecraft 1.11


The Halloween Hunt Map is the perfect map that must be played by anyone who wants to have an awesome gaming experience in Minecraft about the Halloween. So all this being said you barely know what exactly to expect from a map that is related to the Halloween theme. Nowadays every holiday is celebrated by all the people because everywhere you go you cannot avoid seeing that they have a lot of decorations related to a certain holiday. So all this said to be in the Halloween theme you must try this Halloween Hunt Map that will give you a lot of awesome moments, even if they are scary. This map is a combination of horror and game maps so you will have a lot of fun playing on it, but I need to remind you that there will be a lot of scares and any other effects that will make you be spooky.Halloween Hunt Map for Minecraf Halloween Hunt Map Halloween Hunt Map for Minecraf

All the action of this Halloween Hunt Map will start right after you enter into a mansion that is haunted, but what’s most scary is that this mansion will be placed right across the street from your house. After you entered into the mansion, automatically the doors will close and lock itself, with a scary sound, so even at the beginning, you will feel scary. After that you will the Death itself will come to you to say that you’re the single person from this house who has the chance to survive just if you can find the spookiest candy that is hidden somewhere in house. So if you want to save your life you must find this candy, but while you’re searching for it there will also tons of obstacles and other scary things that will scare you. Definitely, the Halloween Hunt map is the right map that must be played in this time of year.

How to install Halloween Hunt Map for Minecraft

  1. Download the map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the map!

Download Link for Halloween Hunt Map

for Minecraft 1.11

Credits: NeoMc


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