Grit Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2


The Grit Resource Pack is that kind of pack that will completely transform your Minecraft world into a gritty one with a lot of awesome designs and colors. Even at the beginning I can say that this pack doesn’t have nothing in common with the rest of the traditional resource pack that has the main aim to impress you with a beautiful color palette, due that fact everything in Grit Resource Pack contain a darker, gloomier color palette, the most popular colors are the black, gray, dark green and blue. This may not sound attractive for you, but definitely you must try it because it is also a great way to try something new in Minecraft that will make you to love the game even more.

Even if the Grit Resource Pack is a darker texture pack, there’s a good fact about it besides being everything bright and shiny, you will be well surprised about the textures and the environment that exists in the game. But all these things goes a good way because if you build a house, for example, you will use stone blocks that even in the real life has a darker texture so in some ways it reflects the reality.Grit Resource Pack for Minecraft Grit Resource Pack for Minecraft Grit Resource Pack Grit Resource Pack for Minecraft Grit Resource Pack for Minecraft

During the daylight everything looks superb, but for some of the players who used this Grit Texture Pack, once the night comes out they will start to hate it because during the night everything looks harder to spot, but this is not for all, there are some players who love this. Overall this Grit resource pack is great 128x resolution pack that has a lot of things to show you, but you must be patience because it is not totally complete, so you may expect to get lots of updates that will bring a lot of new designs and textures.

How to install Grit Resource Pack

  1. Download and install Optifine HD
  2. Download the resource pack and move the pack file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  3. Start the game and choose the pack from Game -> Options

Download Link for Grit Resource Pack

Grit Resource Pack 1.10.2

Credits: DeliCat_123


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