Extreme Rainbow Road Parkour for Minecraft 1.9


Extreme Rainbow Road Parkour is a mod created especially for the lovers of the extreme sports like parkour, but it is also created to have fun with your friends when are you playing on multiplayer. The creator of this mod made an awesome map to explore the experience of this sport like when you practice parkour in real life. Once you have installed the Extreme Rainbow Road Parkour, the first thing you see is the information about the features of this mod: check points, effects and teleporters.

extreme rainbow road parkour for minecraft 1.8.1

extreme rainbow road parkour mod

Extreme Rainbow Road Parkour mod has decorations like in old Mario Games with the plants that eat you if you jump straight to them, but the walls are like castle alike but the concept of this mod is Mario Kart. Before you start exploring the mod, you need to wear special boots for parkour from the chests placed in front of the start line.

extreme rainbow road parkour mod download

extreme rainbow road parkour

On the Check point route you need to run on a specific trail but watch out for obstacles that are placed there and the road is continuously changing. Sometimes, when the road is branched out, one way will eventually be and dead end you may fall down and die.

The effects room has lava on the floor and you need to jump over blocks to get to the check points.

Because this mod is hard and you there are chances you die frequently, you can respawn yourself some few blocks back from the position where you died. Your deaths are counted in the right side of the screen. Once you get to the finish point there will be some fireworks to celebrate.

How to install Extreme Rainbow Road Parkour Map

  1. Download the map and move the file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and choose the map!

Download Extreme Rainbow Road Parkour

Extreme Rainbow Road Parkour 1.9/1.8.x



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