Excalibur Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2


Excalibur Resource Pack is a great pack for Minecraft that was made especially to enhance the adventure look in game. And it really succeed, because it adds a lot of medieval and fantasy thematic texture in Minecraft like no other packs do. Even if the Vanilla Minecraft texture tends to be rustic or medieval because it doesn’t have a lot of great details and for this reason it these Excalibur Resource Pack was created. I can say that the creator of this pack decided to create it because there wasn’t a pack that was good enough in the RPG/medieval category, and thanks to his knowledges you can use it’s pack if you ever dreamed to have your medieval castle in Minecraft.

The Excalibur Resource Pack has a lot of details and it also uses the connected textures, these definitely make this pack to standout of the crowd, but to get all the details you must have installed MCPatcher or OptifineHD to run it without any issues. You can start to build your own farm, with the land where to plant the wheat, to make your own windmill and other types of constructions and ideas that will fit with the textures.Excalibur Resource Pack for MinecraftExcalibur Resource Pack Excalibur Resource Pack for Minecraft Excalibur Resource Pack for Minecraft Excalibur Resource Pack for Minecraft

Because the Excalibur Texture Pack is one of the best packs, you can start to build your own fortress, a castle with all the wood blocks that looks insane in combination with the rock and another kind of building construction. Also, the vegetation wasn’t ignored, the grass is so impressive and good looking with all the flowers that add a little more color to the ground. Overall the Excalibur Resource Pack is a texture pack that must try once a time because it has a lot of textures to show you, and also it has an only 16x resolution that means it can be used without problems by all the Minecraft players.

How to install Excalibur Resource Pack

  1. Download the Resource Pack
  2. Move the Pack files into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  3. Start the game and choose the Pack

Download Link for Excalibur Resource Pack

Excalibur Resource Pack 1.10.2

Credits: Maffhew – Planet Minecraft


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