DragonRealm Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


DragonRealm Mod is very popular between the players who ever wanted the EnderDragon much stronger. And for this reason, this mod brings into your Minecraft three new and unique dragons. There’s nothing to hide that most of the players love to fight with dragons in Minecraft and due to the lack of dragons this was unpleasant for few of you, but starting by now you’re able to experience something really awesome because these 3 new dragons are really powerful. The DragonRealm Mod gives you an alternative to the EnderDragons that can be found in Minecraft, and everything that brings something new is really well perceived by the players.


The names of the dragons added by the DragonRealm mod are Scout Dragon, Hunter Dragon, and Alpha Dragon. The last one, Alpha Dragon is one of the strongest of all three, he will not flight away from players who wear a full set o armor, so you need to fight with it mandatory. The Hunter Dragon is the average dragon that will avoid the players who wear a full set of Alpha Dragon armor. The last one, Scout Dragon is the weakest dragon, that also will avoid the players who wear an Alpha Dragon armor. Also, the Dragon Realm Mod adds three different type so new armors, more exactly one for each dragon. These armors have the same names as the dragons, but different stats.DragonRealm Mod for MinecraftDragonRealm Mod

Alpha Dragon Armor is the strongest one because it has the highest level of durability, by wearing a full set you will get Night Vision, Fire resistance I, Resistance III, and Strength IV and also a special ability.

Hunter Dragon Armor is much stronger in durability than the Diamond Armor, if you have the full set you will get Night Vision, Fire Resistance I, Resistance II, Strength I, and a special ability.

Scout Dragon Armor is just a bit stronger in comparation with Diamon Armor, that also will give you Night Vision, Fire Resistance I and Resistance I and the special ability.

Unfortunately for some players this Dragon Realm Mod is available just for Minecrat 1.7.10, but who knows maybe in the future there will an update even for the latest versions of Minecraft.

How to install DragonRealm Mod

  1. Install the Forge API
  2. Move the .jar file into ./minecraft/mods
  3. Start the game and enjoy the mod!

Download Link for DragonRealm Mod

DragonRealm Mod 1.7.10

Credits: bikkit_User28882 – Curse Forge


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