Diversity Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


Diversity Map is just a CTM Map, but it is much more different due to its own influences. In the original map you have to collect different types and colors of wool to build the monument, but in Diversity Map you go through different levels and challenges to obtain each piece of wool. This will add a new way to play on this type of maps that doesn’t make you bored and will test your crafting skills.

Diversity Map

Diversity Map 1

Diversity Map

Diversity Map has 10 different game modes, every color will bring you a new adventure required to complete the building challenge.

  • Pink wool – gives you trivia game.
  • Yellow wool – allows you to access some areas of the map
  • Orange wool – will move you into an adventure world
  • Brown wool – will move you into a survival game
  • Dark blue wool – allows you to play in Dopper Game
  • Light blue wool – gives you an escape challenge
  • Red wool – gives you the opportunity to solve a complex puzzle
  • Black wool – will move you straight into a boss battle


Diversity Map

Diversity Map

To play Diversity Map fair you will need to follow some rules:
  • Don’t break blocks, unless the game asks for.
  • No cheats or other mods that can give you advantage.
  • You can’t change the game difficulty or the game mod

Diversity Map is perfect if you want to play with your friends (up to 3) in multiplayer, we reccomend to be played just with max 2 players.

Download Links for Diversity Map

Diversity Map 1.8.8

Credits: qmagnet


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