Ding Mod for Minecraft 1.16/1.15/1.14.2


The Ding Mod for Minecraft is a small mod that doesn’t add any new items or stuff into game. What it adds is just a loud sound “Ding” once your Minecraft started loading and you are ready to play. This mod is not new but it became recently very popular due to the high popularity on the online communities related to the Minecraft game. Basically everyday new players will try and keep using this mod for his sound that attention you that Minecraft is ready and it can be played.

Ding Mod for Minecraft

The developer of this Ding Mod created it because a lot of players are using multiple mods and once you got a lot of mods that need loading you must wait and for this reason this mod is perfect. You easily can go to the bathroom or even to take some food or a glass of water on your desk and once you hear the DING sound you know that your Minecraft is ready to be played.

You don’t need to be afraid anymore that some player or mob kills your player because you didn’t know the required time for the mods to be loaded.That’s all what this Ding Mod is doing.

It is kinda simple but it is very effective for everyone who hates to wait until the game is loaded or for the other who want to play minecraft exactly when it is ready to run. This mod doesn’t have any requirements, basically you can run this mod if you can play Minecraft.

How to install Ding Mod

  1. Download the Mod for Minecraft and the Minecraft Forge API
  2. Move the mod .jar files into the mods folder.
  3. Enjoy the mod.

Download Links for Ding Mod

This mod Requires iChunUtil

for Minecraft 1.16

for Minecraft 1.15

Ding Mod 1.14.2

Ding Mod 1.9.4

Credits: iChun – ichun.us


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