Deep Freeze Map for Minecraft 1.8.9


Deep Freeze Map is an awesome parkour map that has something very original that you never seen in any other parkour map. Once you installed the map you will be able to start playing as on a normal map but something special will make your game more enjoyable and more interesting at the same time. From the sky will fall down ice on the block that your character is so you must move faster if you don’t want to die. The main objective of this map is to move continuously, you need to always jump, move and climb in order to keep yourself alive if you want to win, because the main aim of any parkour map is to win.

If you ever played on different parkour maps you will know that you need to play fair and follow some minimal rules. Also in the Deep Freeze Map you’re not allowed to place blocks that will give you advantage while you’re playing on it. All the action will happen in a cave that has on its sides the parkour circuit and from the sky will fall down the ice that will make your game more dangerous.

But despite the reason that the falling ice can kill you, if you are smart you can use the ice in your advantage that is completely legal, so you can use the ice to make stairways and other kind of structures for yourself, in this way the map will be not difficult for you. If you want to play parkour with something cool ice features you must get the map now and give a try.

Deep Freeze Map for MinecraftDeep Freeze Map for Minecraft Deep Freeze Map for Minecraft

Deep Freeze Map Rules

  • You need to play on peaceful mode.
  • You must have the render distance to 10 or more chunks.
  • You’re not allowed to change the gamemode.

How to install Deep Freeze Map

  1. Download the Deep Freeze Map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Enjoy the map!

Download Links for Deep Freeze Map

Deep Freeze Map 1.8.x

Credits: SuperSlimeySquid


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