David’s Detailed Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2


David’s Detailed Resource Pack is one of the most detailed texture pack that was ever created for Minecraft. Even if it will add lots of high-quality textures most of the players can use it because it was created at 64x resolution. By far if you ever try this one you will be really surprised about all of these high-resolution textures that will completely transform your world into a completely new one with a lot of eye pleasant colors and designs. With this, David’s Detailed Resource Pack installed you will have a lot of things to do in Minecraft because everything you will build will look superb. If you want to know in which category this pack is part of, it is hard to say because it contains different ideas and textures but mostly it a medieval, realistic and fantasy, but you can use without any problems in any kinds of circumstances because it will fit well with everything you’re planning to do in your world.

To offer all of these quality textures and effects David’s Detailed Resource Pack also has a built-in support for Better Grass and Leaves, but also if you want to try any other mods that will add different effects or tools you can use them without any problems. Most of the players wants to see how the water will look right after they enter the game because, in their opinion if the water is looking good then the pack also is good made, towards to this pack the water is clean and serene, you can see through it without any problems, I can say that it is like in real life.David’s Detailed Resource Pack for MinecraftDavid’s Detailed Resource Pack for Minecraft David’s Detailed Resource Pack for Minecraft David’s Detailed Resource Pack David’s Detailed Resource Pack for Minecraft

Another great point of David’s Detailed Resource Pack is that even the wood blocks look so beautiful, not like in the other packs where the creators were concentrated just in the leaves and foliage and not even a bit for the wood blocks. All the textures from this pack were made with Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq, and for each individual texture, David spent mostly 1 hour, so it really makes a hard work with awesome results.

How to install David’s Detailed Resource Pack

  1. Download David’s Detailed Texture Pack and move the file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  2. Start the game got to Options and choose the pack.

Download Link for David’s Detailed Resource Pack

David’s Detailed Resource Pack 1.12.x/1.10.2

Credits: DavidTheDude – Planet Minecraft


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