Cursed Island Survival Map for Minecraft 1.9


Cursed Island Survival Map is a great survival map for minecraft, this map has just a single island where you need to discover all the secret dungeons, and to collect some unique items that are hidden all around the island. As the name suggests your life on these cursed island will be not easy, all the resources are scarce, so this is not something new because this map is a survival map and on survival map you will need to handle with what items do you have into your inventory even if them are few.

Despite that is hard to survive, at the same time you will have a lot fun by playing on it because you will need to finish some achievements and to complete each one you will need to go through different secrets and dangerous dungeons.

The Cursed Island Survival Map has a total of 7 goals that are required to be done in order to make yourself the champion of the map. The ground of the island is not hilly so you will need to expect to see different monsters from far away because there are no visual obstacles, but the good thing is that all the monsters will appear during the night time.

Also on the Cursed Island Survival Map you will find 3 different secret rooms, each one has its own mystery that you will need to uncover. As in the normal dungeons you may find different skeletons and zombies that are easy to kill but in some places there are lots of mobs especially in the night time.

Cursed Island Survival Map for Minecraft 1.9 Cursed Island Survival Map for Minecraft Cursed Island Survival Map for Minecraft

Another great thing about this Cursed Island Survival Map is that you are able to play in single player but also in multiplayer with your friend. This is so awesome because by playing with another player you will have way more fun than by playing alone.

The Cursed Island Survival Map Rules:

  • Don’t cheat.
  • Don’t leave the island.
  • You can toggle keepInventory or mobGrifing if it’s too difficult for you.

How to install Cursed Island Survival Map

  1. Download the Cursed island map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and choose the map

Download Links for Cursed Island Survial Map

Cursed Island Survival Map 1.9/1.8.x

Credits: Kgkadd


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