Cubix Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2


Cubix Resource Pack is that type of pack which must get if you really want to experience something new and simple in Minecraft. Even if it is a simple pack he will not disappoint you because he has some high-quality textures that will look even more beautiful in comparison with other packs that has a higher resolution. You will really enjoy spending your precious time on the pack like this one because it will not change the feel of the Vanilla Minecraft because the Cubix Resource Pack will improve the textures by making them more appealing to eyes.Cubix Resource Pack for MinecraftCubix Resource Pack for MinecraftSo there are no major changes, the Cubix Resource Pack will not change blocks art styles he will enforce the blocky look because the creator of it really wants to keep that old school feels but into a new point of view. By far this current Cubix Texture Pack is one of the cleanest resource pack that I ever was seen and there are thousands of players who feel the same. It’s cleanest is given by the lack of the details on each block, but this is not something that will stop you to use the Cubix Resource Pack because from once a time it is a great choice try a different resource pack for your Minecraft.Cubix Resource Pack for MinecraftCubix Resource Pack

You will be well surprised about how eye pleasant are all the colors, they are so well selected, there are a lot of bright and vibrant color palette. You need to keep in mind that the Cubix Resource Pack is not so old so, there may be available updates in the future so I recommend you from time to time to visit this page the get the latest version of it, in order to benefits of all the changes that will come.

How to install Cubix Resource Pack

  1. Download the Resource Pack, move the pack files into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  2. Start the game and choose the pack from Game -> Options

Download Links for Cubix Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Credits: antti662 – Curse Forge


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