Cubes vs Zombies Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


Cubes vs Zombies Map is based on the popular Plants vs Zombies game. Basically this map brings all the action from the Plants vs Zombies game into your Minecraft. You could build the tower defense that will protect you by the zombies or other monsters. The main aim of this great map is to kill all the zombies that are coming from graveyard, in order to stop them to advance into your house or base. Also you will need to keep all the lines in decent conditions if they are broken you will lose the game.

This Cubes vs Zombies Map also adds a lot of tools that will help you survive and to kill all the zombies. You can use the Sunflower, the flaming Torchwood, ravenous Repeater and the citriusy Citron plants to give damage to the zombies that are approaching to your base. Each plant has its own ability to shoot the zombies or even to slow them like the wallnuts.

Another powerful plant is the SnapDragons that can shoot flames into a crowd of zombies, or the CherryBomb that also will blow up the entire crowd. So you will need to use all the tools that are coming with this map to protect your house in order to win the game. With the Lawnmower you can use to clear the entire lane by the zombies but with the Beacon Blasters you can fire a ray energy just a time per game.

Cubes vs Zombies Map for Minecraft

Cubes vs Zombies Map for Minecraft

Cubes vs Zombies Map for Minecraft Cubes vs Zombies Map for Minecraft

Cubes vs Zombies Map for Minecraft

 Cubes vs Zombies Map for Minecraft Features.

  • Nine different types of plants.
  • Hundreds of command blocks.
  • Different types of zombies and armored zombies.
  • A lot of particle effects.

How to install Cubes vs Zombies Map

  1. Download the Map and move the file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and choose the world!

Download Links for Cubes vs Zombies Map

Cubes vs Zombies Mod 1.8.x

Credits: NeoMcCreations – Planet Minecraft


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