Counting Sheep Map for Minecraft 1.8.9


The Counting Sheep Map is a really great minigame map that actually doesn’t have anything in common with that old saying that say, if you can’t sleep in the night you must count sheeps and your sleep will come instantly. This Counting Sheep Map gives 2 minute to the players to run all around the map to collect as many wool as they can. The wool can be found in chests that are placed randomly on the map, to get the wool you will need to open the chest and it will appear instantly in your inventory. To make this minigame much interesting and competing at the same time there are 16 colors of wool, each one has a certain amount of points.

At the end of these 2 minute in the Counting Sheep Map you will need to have as many points as possible if you want to win the competition with your friends. Some smart players collect just wool with higher point value and other collects everything, you must figure out which method works the best for you but in at the final win the player who has the more points so every point can make the difference between win or lose. In order to play fair on this Counting Sheep Map you will need to follow some minimal rules, the most important is that you’re not allowed to make PVP.

This is really important because once you killed a player you can steal their wool and for this reason the pvp is not allowed. Another rule is that you’re not allowed to break blocks to make your life easier. You need to jump, climb everything that currently exists on the map. Also you are forced to play the map on Adventure mode.

Counting Sheep Map for MinecraftCounting Sheep Map for Minecraft Counting Sheep Map for Minecraft

Wool Points Value:

White = 1 point

Light Gray = 2 points

Gray = 3 points

Black = 4 points

Brown = 5 points

Pink = 6 points

Magenta = 7 points

Purple = 8 points

Blue = 10 points

Light Blue = 12 points

Cyan = 14 points

Green = 16 points

Lime = 18 points

Yellow = 18 points

Orange = 20 points

Red = 20 points

Server Settings:

  • Pvp – false
  • Gamemode – Adventure (2)
  • Enable-comand-block – true
  • Difficulty – 0
  • Counting Shee Map Rules
  • Do not break block
  • No PVP
  • Adventure game mode
  • Do not leave the map

Download Links for Counting Sheep Map

Counting Sheep Map 1.8.x

Resource Pack is required

Credits: CeruChick – MinecraftForum


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