Conquest Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9


Conquest Resource Pack is inspired from other packs and made possible to bring some different textures into a single resource pack. For example, some wooden plants were ripped from another resource pack but the tables, levers, iron bars, torches and many more are all unique to Conquest. We can say that over 75% is original work of the developer of Conquest Resource Pack and the rest 25% is ripped from another packs. But anyway you will be very surprised about this texture because everything fits perfectly into a great environment.

Conquest Resourec Pack for Minecraft

Conquest Resourec Pack 32x

Conquest Resourec Pack

Conquest Resourec Pack

Conquest Resource Pack use the dark accent colors to give you that feel of old and medieval time, perfect if you love to build medieval buildings with vintage style, or why not to create your own empire with a castle and a lot of stuffs around it.

Conquest Resourec Pack

Conquest Resourec Pack

One good thing on this Conquest Resource Pack is that it is 32x resolution that will run smoothly and perfect on every kind of computer even if yours is not powerful. Another bad or good thing depends how you interpret this is that The Conquest Resource Pack is still under development that means it will update frequently.

The main reason for the updates is that the developer wants to create this Resource pack with 100% original work and he wants to leave the ripped textures from another resource packs. We recommend you to use OptiFine or MCPatcher along with Conquest Resource Pack.

Download Links for Conquest Resource Pack

Conquest Resource Pack 1.9

Credits: Monsterfish_ – Planet Minecraft


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