Colorful Blocks Mod for Minecraft 1.10/1.9.4/1.7.10


The Colorful Blocks Mod allows you to color any block from Minecraft in any color by adding a brush tool into the game. This powerful brush gives you the ability to have a large variety of colors into Minecraft because with his GUI interface you have you can choose how intense the colors you want to be by moving those 3 lines that contain the red, green and blue parameters. To access the GUI in order to start the coloring process you need to right click with the brush on your desired block that you wish to color.

With the Colorful Block Mod your Minecraft will become as colored as never been before because you can have over 16 million of possible colors and types that can be used to build some great constructions with different types of colors and designs. To use this mod is very simple you need to stock the red, green and blue dyes with a bucket of water inside of the inventory to load the brush. And at this point you can choose your color that can be used with the brush to paint the blocks.

After you have done all those processes you can right-click on the blocks that you want to be painted and with the left-click on the same block the color will be instantly added to the block. If you ever get bored of a color you can repaint it very easy. Basically this mod is purely an aesthetic mod that will make your Minecraft look more realistic with all of his colors that can be added.

Colorful Blocks Mod for Minecraft Colorful Blocks Mod for Minecraft Colorful Blocks Mod for Minecraft

 How to install the Colorful Blocks Mod

  1. Download and Install Forge API and Excore API – Required
  2. Move the mod files into ./minecraft/mods
  3. Enjoy the mod!

Colorful Blocks Mod Download Links

Colorful Blocks Mod 1.10

Colorful Blocks Mod 1.9.4

Colorful Blocks Mod 1.9

Colorful Blocks Mod 1.7.10

Credits: elix_x – Minecraft Forum


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