Color Control Map for Minecraft 1.12


Color Control Map is an excellent PVP map that every day lots of new players discover it and they have just good words about. Actually, I can say that it is one of the best in its category because until now no other similar maps to the Color Control map have created a creative gameplay concept that fits perfectly with its blocks constructions. Definitely, you must try this map if you are that type of player who constant wants to test his fighting skills against your friends.

Color Control Map for Minecraft

The entire Color Control Map action revolves around the territory controlling and action taking before your opponent. In the beginning of the map each player will receive a color, and after that, you will get an objective you need to control as much you can. Now let’s talk about the PvP side of this Color Control Map, so you will need to capture as many floating cubes as possible if you want to win the competition against your friends. But before to start the capturing process you will need to know that a cube can be retaken back by its first owner, these type of cubes will give you some important resource as long as they are in your possession. So during the capturing cubes process, you will need to use all your fighting skills to be able to capture them or to protect them by being retaken back by your enemies.

In the Color Control map, you will need to have the highest amount of points when the timer runs out in order to win the map, so you need to act fast if you really want to win the map. Overall this map is so well created and also well thought in a way that never existed before, so definitely it worth the time to get it and try it out with a minimum of 2 players.

How to install Color Control Map for Minecraft

  1. Download and move the map file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and choose the map from Game – Saves
  3. Enjoy the map

Download Links for Color Control Map

for Minecraft 1.12

Credits: Sybillian


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