Clear Lag Mod Plugin for Minecraft 1.8.1


Clear Lag Mod plugin was created for those players who have an older phone or tablet and want to play Minecraft Pocket Edition without any kind of lag. But also this Clear Lag Plugin is good too to be used for PC versions of Minecraft to get rid of the lag. We can’t guarantee that your lag will be reduced 100% but you will see some great improvements.

The main aim of the ClearLag is to remove all the entities or the items that are dropped down or are floating around the world that produce lag. If you are playing on a server with 20+ players and you feel that you have lag you can type the command /lag and your RAM usage will be drastically decreased.

ClearLag Mod for Minecraft

ClearLag Plugin Features
  • Entity limiter
  • Permission support
  • Reduces lag
  • Decrease RAM and CPU usage
  • Option to limit mob spawners
  • Ability to stop TNT chain reaction
  • And many more…

ClearLag Mod for Minecraft

The Commands for Clear Lag Plugin

/lagg clear

/lagg check

/lagg reload

/lagg killmobs

/lagg are <radius>

/lagg unloadchunks

/lagg chunk

/lagg admin

/lagg gc

/lagg tps

/lagg halt


Download Links for Clear Lag Mod

Clear Lag Mod 1.8.1

Credits: bob7l –


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