Christmas Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13.2/1.12.2


The Christmas Resource Pack is the right texture that must be used by anyone who loves the Christmas season with all of his magical touch. So all this being said if you really want to bring lots of Christmas related items into Minecraft then definitely the Christmas Resource Pack is the right pack for you. Despite the most popular and common thing in the winter season that is the snow, it cannot be missing from this Christmas Resource Pack but also you would love to enjoy the rest of the items and materials that has the power to make you feel the magic of the Christmas even in the Minecraft game.

So all this being said even if the Christmas is just for few day, you can get in the spirit of the holidays with this Christmas Resource Pack that will replace all the textures with ones that relates to this wonderful part of the year. The most major change of this texture pack is that he replaces the dirt with snow texture, so everywhere you go you will see just snow, and yes that’s really beautiful because everyone loves to see snow in the winter. Another important change is that the rain is replaced with snowfall, so instead of rain there will snow.

Christmas Resource Pack for Minecraft Christmas Resource Pack for Minecraft Christmas Resource Pack

Also some individual blocks has a new theme and design, namely them looks like presents box, so you can place them right under the Christmas tree. With the Christmas Resource Pack you can build lots of interesting chalets, because the wood has a nice texture that mix really well together with the snow and also the glass has some thematic little trees in corners. And that’s not all you will can discover everything just if you install it, another great point of this pack is that he has just 16x resolution thing that makes it available to be used by most of the players because it will not require a higher graphic card.

How to install Christmas Resource Pack

  1. Download the Resource Pack
  2. Move the pack file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  3. Start the game and choose the pack from Game “Options”

Download Link for Christmas Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.13.2

Credits: Larscrafter


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