Chance Cubes Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2


The ChanceCubes Mod is a small mod that will add a random block that can provide you a craftable chance block but also you may get pendants and items that will help you to increase the luck of these kinds of blocks. This mod is great to explore the world and to open these mystical blocks that will give you rewards.

You can obtain two different types of rewards – some are good and some are bad, there are some rewards that will spawn hordes of zombies near you and the others will build full houses and provide you valuable items. Each reward that you will get is unique and you will be surprised by the abilities that it can make.

As I said before the Chance Cubes Mod will surprise each player because its reward can have unlimited types starting from cakes that can be aten to enchanted weapons and also bosses. To know which level of chance each individual block has you must craft the Chance Cube Scanner that is very useful. When you can verify the chance if the blocks have the lowest level you may get useless items, low-level mobs or nothing.

Once your block has a high level you can obtain bigger items and mobs. With the chance pendants, you can increase the chance rate for each block. There are four tiers of pendants that will give you +10 to +100 chance levels. Before installing this great mod we recommend you to make a backup of your map or you can start a new world because this mod can cause some damages to your world.

Chance Cubes Mod for Minecraft

Chance Cubes Mod for Minecraft

Chance Cubes Mod for Minecraft

Chance Cubes Mod for Minecraft

How to install Chance Cubes Mod for Minecraft

  1. Download Forge API and this Mod\
  2. Move the mod files into %appdata%./minecraft/mods
  3. Enjoy the mod.

Download Links for Chance Cubes Mod

for Minecraft 1.12

for Minecraft 1.11.2

Chance Cubes Mod 1.10.2

Chance Cubes Mod 1.9.4

Chance Cubes Mod 1.9

Chance Cubes Mod 1.8.9

Chance Cubes Mod 1.7.10

Credits: turkey2349 – Minecraft Forum


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