Castle Escape Map for Minecraft 1.12.2


Castle Escape Map is that type of map that becomes addicting, so you don’t wanna miss it because until now all the players who played on it said that is so well created and also integrates perfectly lots interesting parkour gameplays. If you consider yourself a parkour fan then you definitely must give a try to Castle Escape Map and you will not regret, because it is so engaging fact that results into a great gaming experience, that until now no other maps did that before.

Castle Escape Map for Minecraft

The basics of the Castle Escape Map are really simple, you have been locked into a castle prison for several years and you want to get out of it because why to stay here for more other years. So you will become the prisoner who wants to escape from this horror castle. Until now everything sounds good but you must keep in mind that the castle is very well fortified and he has a lot of traps and dangers at any corner. But in order to win the freedom, nothing gonna stop you, even the most dangerous floors full with traps.

Castle Escape Map for Minecraft Castle Escape Map

All this being said the Castle Escape Map is one of the most difficult parkour maps that currently exists for Minecraft. So all of those obstacles and traps will make your life on this map really hard but not impossible. So if you really want to play on a superb parkour map you must get this Castle Escape Parkour right now.

How to install Castle Escape Map

  1. Download the map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and choose the map from game saves

Download Links for Castle Escape Map

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Credits: FallingCactus


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