Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2


Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack is a great pack that will make your Minecraft look more sharp with a lot of vibrant colors at a lower resolution. Most of the players who ever used this resource pack placed it in the high-quality category with a lot of awesome visuals that will impress you for sure. So if you really want to completely transform your Minecraft world into a more attractive one with cool visuals at a lower resolution then definitely you must try the Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack. The entire pack contains lots of cartoon-looking textures and lots of bright and vibrant color palette which makes each time spent in the game more appealing to you.

If you’re thinking what makes the Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack stands out from the crowd with its low resolution and high-quality of textures? The simplistic visuals and textures are the answer, everything by now will be more eye pleasant for you and also at the same time everything will look more detailed. It also includes lots of enhanced details for certain blocks like snow, mossy cobblestone, mossy stone bricks and the end stone. As I said before you may see some more details for different items such as the stick, ladder, and even paintings has lots of details.Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack for Minecraft Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack for Minecraft Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack for Minecraft

The Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack has a 16x resolution which will give the chance to everyone to use the pack without the requirements to own a powerful computer. So if you’re looking for a new decent resource pack, then definitely this is the right choose that you can make, because there will be lots of details that will surprise you even from the first step on this Cartoon Cubes Texture Pack.

How to install Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack

  1. Download the resource pack and move the file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  2. Start the game and select the pack from Game – Options
  3. Enjoy the Resource Pack

Download Links for Cartoon Cubes Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Credits: VeryMadCrafter – PlanetMinecraft


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