Biome Adventures Map for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9


The Biome Adventures Map allows you to parkour between towers that are placed above ground and all those towers are in different biomes so you will be great surprised that you can practice parkour in different biomes without switching the levels or using different maps. It is kinda of a more parkour map than a survival, because the players need the most to run among floating blocks and towers.

Once you advance, you will enter in new biomes that have new obstacles that are related to the biome. If you ever get bored about parkour you can take a break by playing normal minecraft down from the towers.

The towers from the Biome Adventures Map are used as checkpoints, once you head to a new tower you gameplay will be automatically saved so you will not need to start from the beginning and if in some circumstances you fall down from the path, you will be respawned to the latest checkpoint.

While you’re playing on this map beside the tasks of reaching the new levels you are able to find 15 diamonds that are hidden in different chests. Also if you think that the distance between towers is too big to save your game, there are some diamond islands that also will save your process. As any other parkour maps there are some rules that must be respected in order to play fair-play or to get the right gaming experience.

Biome Adventures Map for Minecraft Biome Adventures Map for Minecraft Biome Adventures Map for Minecraft Biome Adventures Map for Minecraft

  • Play in Minecraft 1.8 and newer versions.
  • Play just in Adventure Mode
  • Don’t use any cheats

How to install The Biome Adventure Map

  1. Download the Biome Adventure Map
  2. Open the %appdata% and move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Run the Minecraft and enjoy the map!

Download Links for Biome Adventures Map

Biome Adventures Map 1.9/1.8.x

Credits: AlexanderHoff123 – Minecraft Forum


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