Better Chests Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10


The Better Chests Mod, basically ads new chests into Minecraft. It is perfect if you’re bored by the old and bad looking chests. By using this mod you will get some perks that are really great but the main thing is that your chests design is drastically improved and also you can craft an upgradeable bag that can be accessed from the hotbar and works like a portable chest.

You can easily upgrade any chests just by right clicking on the desired chest. Another great advantage of this mod is that the cobble upgrade maximizes the mining experience by creating cobblestones itself.

Better Chests Mod has a great feature that adds furnace to chests if you have many items to smelt for example tittle coal and not enough furnaces, you can drop any items down, they don’t need to be the same and they will start smelting. By now you can be fed when your hunger get low thanks to the Player Feeding Upgrade.

This mod is the best because it doesn’t add a lot of new items into Minecraft and for this reason it works great and you will not get any game crash or other kind of errors.

Better Chests Mod for Minecraft Better Chests Mod for Minecraft

Better Chests Mod for Minecraft

Better Chests Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelog

  • Fixed some minor chests bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs related to blocks/items
  • Fixed the bug with ContainerPlayer position

Download Links for Better Chests Mod

Better Chests Mod 1.8

Better Chests Mod 1.7.10

Credits: Aroma1997 – MinecraftForum


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