Battle Towers Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2


Battle Towers Mod was created for the lazy players who don’t like or don’t have time to build their own spawners in Minecraft. This mod basically easies players’ job not to go to different places to kill monsters. The spawner of this mobs is in a huge tower from where you can kill a lot of mobs, once you go up the monsters will be more powerful and also the drop will be more valuable. All these huge towers can be found on the entire map and once you found one, you can start the battle.

This Battle Towers Mod gives you also some great combat moments, when you will get flooded with spiders for example. All you have to do is to defeat all the mobs from the top till the end of the tower, you may find various zombies, skeletons and other mobs in order to pass to the final giant boss that really drops some good items.

Battle Towers Mod for Minecraft

Battle Towers Mod for Minecraft

Battle Towers Mod for Minecraft

Battle Towers Mod for Minecraft

All the Towers from this Battle Towers Mod have nine floors full with mobs that will make your gaming experience very great and also makes you try it again and again. As I said at beginning this mod is great for lazy players but also why to spend your time building the spawners while you can get it for free, it is time saving and also the developer of this mod did a really great job. You can play this Battle Towers Mod in single player or even in multiplayer.

Battle Towers Mod for Minecraft Changelogs.

  • Fixed the Tower Spawning to work properly
  • Six types of towers full with mobs.
  • Added some shot skills to the mobs like: fireballs shots etc.
  • Added the effect until you defeat the giant boss the tower will start to crumble and it may collapse after some time.

How to install Battle Towers Mod

  1. Download the Minecraft Forge API and the Mod
  2. Move the mod files into %appdata%roaming./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Have fun.

Download Links for Battle Towers Mod

for Minecraft 1.12.2

for Minecraft 1.12

for Minecraft 1.11.2

for Minecraft 1.11

for Minecraft 1.10.2

Battle Towers Mod 1.8.8

Battle Towers Mod 1.8

Battle Towers Mod 1.7.10


Credits: AtomicStryker – Minecraft Forum


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