Autumn Overlay Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2


Autumn Overlay Resource Pack is the perfect pack that must be used by each player who wants to have a great autumn environment into their Minecraft. Autumn is a beautiful season and for this reason it was created to amaze lots of players who wants to have autumn related colours and textures. Most of us know that starting from September the tree leaves will change their colors and will start to fall down. With the Autumn Overlay Resource Pack installed the entire vegetation will change into a yellowish one that is eye pleasant because it almost looks like in the real life.

Also, the Autumn Overlay Resource Pack is pretty nice because in the Minecraft doesn’t exist the season change texture so with this pack you’re able to have the autumn whenever you want. The pack is mainly designed to add autumn feel into your Minecraft and it is recommended to use it alongside another pack. Right after you have installed the Autumn Overlay Texture Pack you’re able to explore all the biomes because each one of them has been changed into the Autumn theme, starting from the leaves until at the grass everything is changed that is related to autumn.Autumn Overlay Resource Pack for MinecraftAutumn Overlay Resource Pack for Minecraft Autumn Overlay Resource Pack for Minecraft Autumn Overlay Resource Pack for Minecraft

The birch is changed into Yellow, spruce into faded, oack into orange and the dark oack into red. All this being said you can start to image how great the Minecraft world will look with all these major changes related to autumn. The Autumn Overlay Resource Pack has a 16x resolution that gives the possibility to be used by most of all players because it doesn’t require huge requirements without a highly FPS drop.

How to install Autumn Overlay Resource Pack

  1. Download the Resource Pack and move the pack file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  2. Start the game and choose the pack from “Options”

Download Link for Autumn Overlay Resource Pack

Autumn Overlay Resource Pack 1.10.2

Credits: TheOrangeOne


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