Area 51 Horror Map for Minecraft 1.9


Area 51 Horror Map is great for those people who love the mystery and even if they are curious about the military base called area 51 which is located in the Nevada Desert. Now you can discover the secrets of the Area 51 by yourself in Minecraft just with this Area 51 Horror Map. We just need to tell you that this is an artistic interpretation of the Area 51, it’s not the actual expanse of desert.

This build is huge so you can spend a lot of hours playing on this map, in the beginning you are spawned into the creative mod but you can change it to survival “/gamemode playername survival”.

This Area 51 Horror Map has three main areas, just if you watch up in the sky you will see an alien ship which is wrecked. Fires still burn in some places in abandoned city, the government buildings still stand up. As I said before this is n horror map that means you better adjust the render distance down to 2 chunks – just in case not to get scared by the aliens that are more than 32 blocks away from your position.

Area 51 Horror Map

Area 51 Horror Map for Minecraft

Area 51 Horror Map for Minecraft

How to install Area 51 Horror Map

  1. Download the Map and move the files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and choose the map!

Download Links for Area 51 Horror Map

Area 51 Horror Map 1.9

Credits: Gaermine – PlanetMinecraft


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