Adventure Backpack Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


The Adventure Backpack adds over 60+ new backpacks with original designs into Minecraft each one of them has different abilities and is able to store fluids. This mod is very useful while you’re traveling around the map. By using this mod you are able to craft on the go and also to sleep anywhere because you will have a sleeping bag inside of the backpack and also you will get an extra inventory space.

To wear the back you will need to press shift + left click while the backpack is placed on the ground, these backpack have multiple functions some people loves to use the backpack like a chest.

All the backpacks added by Adventure Backpack Mod are a mix between plants and mobs. For example the Melon backpacks are filled with melon juice and the cactus backpack can be filled with water even with raining water or while you’re in water. One great backpack is the cow backpack which these ones can be filled with milk/ All of them are really good because you don’t know when you need a certain liquid stored in one of the backpacks.

Adventure Backpack Mod for Minecraft

Adventure Backpack Mod for Minecraft

Adventure Backpack Mod for Minecraft

Adventure Backpack Mod for Minecraft

Also there are some great backpacks with different abilities, the squid backpack allows you to breath and see underwater. In the caves you may find the bat backpacks with this one you can see in the dark, with the chicken backpack you will have fresh eggs at a certain time because it will drop eggs. To use this mod is very simple.

You can switch the tools that can be used with the hands. Each individual backpack contain a crafting table, you could use it even if your backpack is on the ground or on your back.

Adventure Backpack Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Fixed the vanishing problem of the backpack if it is unequipped and his inventory is full.
  • Added some new adventure backpacks
  • Added some new abilities to backpacks

Download Links for Adventue Backpack Mod

Adventure Backpack Mod 1.7.10

Credits: JavierDarkona –


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