16 Dyes Survival Map for Minecraft 1.10.2


16 Dyes Survival Map is an awesome map made for Minecraft that has one main goal to get all the 16 dyes that currently were added into the map. This map is perfect for all the players who wants to try an engaging map where they need to find 16 dyes in total, in other order of words there are also 16 islands that have 1 dye. This being said the objective of this 16 Dyes Survival Map is really simple you will need to do everything in order to find all the dyes. But while you’re searching them you will encounter a lot of fun with every obstacle that sometimes gives you the survival feel.


Right after you installed the 16 Dyes Survival Map you can start the journey on the islands to find the dyes, on each island is a unique type of dye so you must fight through in order to collect the island dye. In other words, this map is a bit challenging because through the road to the dyes there are lots of waves of mobs that will stop you and make your searching process difficult but not impossible because the mobs are not so difficult to kill.16 Dyes Survival Map for Minecraft 16 Dyes Survival Map for Minecraft 16 Dyes Survival Map for Minecraft

The main aim of this 16 Dyes Survival Map is not to a be difficult challenge, it was made to be easy, funny and entertaining at the same time while you’re playing. The map was created to be played in singleplayer but if you want to use it in multiplayer with one of your friends you can expect to encounter a lot of bugs, maybe in the future there will be an update with the multiplayer version.

How to install 16 Dyes Survival Map for Minecraft

  1. Download the map and move the file into ./minecrat/saves folder
  2. Start the game and enjoy the map!

Download Links for 16 Dyes Survival Map

16 Dyes Survival Map 1.10.2

Credits: T0T0CH


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