Spacecubecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Spacecubecraft Resource pack for Minecraft

This SpaceCubeCraft Resource Pack is perfect for the players who want more realistic farming and mining experience and why not a great realistic environment. SpaceCubeCraft is one of the best looking resource pack out there for this kind of activities into Minecraft and also the name of this resource pack is about the space this pack will add: some great space effects like the planets are very close to the earth, they can be seen very well and also the sky is so realistic that in the nights there can be visible the aurora borealis that has a great game of colorful colors.

Spacecubecraft Resource Pack

Spacecubecraft Resource pack 2

SpaceCubeCraft Resource Pack will change a little bit the GUI that gives you that feeling of realistic board. Every block is changed with a new 3D texture that will make you be amazed about how realistic the Minecraft can look after you have installed this Resource Pack. Even if you don’t have much time to play with this mod, you will be discovering some effects that will make you say this is unbelievable, for example the apples can fall down from the trees.

Spacecubecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

Spacecubecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

Spacecubecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

Spacecubecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

Spacecubecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

The Spacecubecraft Resource Pack is available in 5 different resolutions that will make it possible to be used by a huge number of players despite the computer configurations they have. If you want to have the game more detailed with very great effects you can use the 1024x resolution but for this you will need to have a powerful computer and graphic card.

How to install SpaceCubeCraft Resource Pack
  1. Download and install OptiFine HD and GLSL Shaders Mod
  2. Download and install MC-Patcher and patch the Minecraft
  3. Download SpaceCubeCraft Resource Pack
  4. Move the Resource Pack files into .minecraft\resourcepacks
  5. Enjoy the Minecraft.

Download Links for SpaceCubeCraft Resource Pack

SpaceCubeCraft Resource Pack 1.8.x

Credits: drncxcortex – MinecraftForum


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