Micro Cubes Map for Minecraft 1.8


Micro Cubes Maps is a wonderful survival map that has borrowed some ideas from Skyblock. You will be completely impressed by how much fun you can get by using this great map. In the beggining you will be spawned into a small cube from where you need to complete achievements in order to get to another cube of this Micro cubes map. While you complete any achievement the cube will be expanded with 24 blocks, that’s a pretty nice thing but once your cube becomes bigger also the achievements will be more difficult to complete.

As I said, Micro Cubes Maps is based on completing achievements and while you complete the achievements of one Micro Cubes before to be teleported into a new cube, you will get 6 different materials. Keep these materials because you will need them to get to the last castle where you must fight with the final boss of this Micro Cubes Map.

Once you killed the final boss you can play this map just like the other survival maps. This map can be played also on servers but make sure you enable Commandblocks (/gamerule commandBlockOutput true)

Micro Cubes Map

Micro Cubes Map

Micro Cubes Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

How to install Micro Cubes Map

  1. Download Micro Cubes Map
  2. Move the files into %appdata%.minecraft\saves folder
  3. Start Minecraft and enjoy the Map

Download Links for Micro Cubes Map

Micro Cubes Map 1.8

Credits: Viking123456


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