Lithos Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10/1.9.4

Lithos Resource Pack for Minecraft

Lithos Resource Pack is that kind of Minecraft texture packs that will just improve you gaming environment in a completely new but at the same time your game will not be completely changed into an unrealistic world with a lot of SF blocks and other stuffs.

This particular resource pack has a 32x resolution that is a pretty good thing because it may be used by almost all of the Minecraft players because for the bigger resolution that will require you to have a powerful graphic card that support all the details. Right after you installed this pack you will notice the new texture that looks much better than the vanilla Minecraft, everything starting from crops to dirt are changed.

The Lithos Resource Pack is so well made that the crops have different images and textures, this is great because you will know before it grows up what type of crop you planted, potato, wheat or tomato. When the plant finally is grown up and made the fruit, it will be looking like in the real life and despite this fact you will know when you will be able to collect them and to use them as a food.

You will love instantly this new textures added by Lithos Resource Pack because until now this was very hard and pain giving because as a normal player you were not notified when you can collect the wheat for example.

This Lithos Resource Pack has available four different add-ons and each one has its individual strength that will make it possible to be used as you wish and also depends of which year season because you can use the Christmas Lithos texture to get the snow and a lot of other Christmas related features. We recommend you to install this resource pack with MCPatcher or OptiFineHD in order the get it running well without any crashes or issues.

Lithos Resource Pack for Minecraft

Lithos Resource Pack for Minecraft Lithos Resource Pack for Minecraft Lithos Resource Pack for Minecraft Lithos Resource Pack for Minecraft

How to install Lithos Resource Pack

  1. Download the Lithos Resource Pack
  2. Move the pack files into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  3. Start the game and choose the pack

 Download Links for Lithos Resource Pack

Lithos Resource Pack 1.10/1.9.X

Lithos Resource Pack 1.8.9

Lithos Resource Pack 1.7.10

Credits: eleazzaar – Minecraft Forum


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