Forbidden Magic Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Forbidden Magic Mod is more exactly and add-on made for an existing mod named Thaumcraft Mod. If you ever used the Thaumcraft Mod probably you will know exactly what you can expect from this medium-sized addon. So once you done the installation of this addon, it will expand the dark, forbidden part of the magic in Thaumcraft that has the main focus on the darker side of magic. And maybe that’s the reason why this Forbidden Magic Mod were created because he is focusing to improve the dark magic features. All this being said in combination they will make your Minecraft being more interesting with a lot of enjoyable features that can be used in your daily tasks.

Every Minecraft player who tried this Forbidden Magic Mod was well surprisely by how many cool features does it implement in the Minecraft. The most awesome materials added by this mod are the five different kind of wand cores, three of them are capable of cross-mod interaction which is something really cool for every player who loves to use some advanced magics. Because this Forbidden Magic adds a lot of changes into your minecraft it also adds a useful document where you can find everything about the mod and its features, this item will save you a lot of time because you will not need to learn by yourself what and how to do with everything that’s new.Forbidden Magic Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Forbidden Magic Mod for Minecraft Forbidden Magic Mod for Minecraft Forbidden Magic Mod for Minecraft

By far one of the coolest feature added by Forbidden Magic is the craft-able spawner that works even if there’s no player nearby which is something really awesome regardless to other spawners. In the end, I need to say that this mod is the best addition that can be used within Thaumcraft and both together will unlock you a lot of features.

Forbidden Magic Mod features:

  • Five new wand cores (three with cross-mod interactions)
  • Creative-only want with infinite vis
  • New tools and enchants
  • Added a new craftable spawner that works without a nearby player
  • A new Blood Magic ritual to protect you from warp

This mod is compatible with

How to install Forbidden Magic Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download the mod and move the file into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the mod!

Download Links for Forbidden Magic Mod

Credits: SpitefulFox –


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